Qatar Steel News

To be a leading innovative Steel Company, admired for our products and contributing to shaping the future.

Steel production is the heart of Qatar Steel’s operations, and product quality is therefore of the highest importance. ‘Quality’ at Qatar Steel includes several important elements: full understanding of and conforming to the requirements of our customers; delivery of defect-free products; and timely service. We achieve quality via two broad strategies: 1) use of only high-quality raw materials as input for our operations, and 2) implementation of rigorous quality-control systems.

Our planet is facing major environmental, economic, and social challenges. These challenges range from climate change and overuse of natural resources to poverty and changing lifestyle expectations. In line with Qatar’s National Vision (QNV) 2030, Qatar Steel’s primary goal is to maintain high levels of economic growth and human development while nurturing a cohesive society and sustaining the environment for future generations.